The Sims 2 on Origin


This article describes the process to activate the The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin with a legitimate serial number from my physical copy.

EA originally discontinued the support of the game in July 2014.
They followed this announce offering for free all the collection during a few days (24-31 July).
After this period, you could hope to grab your collection only if you had a legit serial number and by geting in touch with the support.

That's what I did.
I'm writing this article now because I didn't find lot of feedbacks back then.

Please mind This article was valid in mid-January 2015.
I would be glad to hear about it now.
For instance, this EA Help Article didn't exist at the time : It was the reason I contacted the support was because I couldn't enter my serial in the redeeming section.



You'll need :

Chosing the helpdesk

I am not on US territory so my default support isn't the american one.

My only option at the time was to call French support.
After explaining what I wanted to do, the lady assured me it would work.
I preferred getting in touch with the US support as they might had similar cases (all the messages I read were in english and they go back few months ealier).

I wanted to proceed via chat/IM so I could take my time to explain and send files.

First of all, I needed to open a ticket on the English support.
Choose the game, continue the questions until you have contact options.

EA US Live Chat Support

Starting the conversation

They were quite busy at the time but I didn't take more than an hour.

I stated the problem :
I couldn't activate with the key from my physical copy.

I was asked the serial number.
Then I had to upload the proof (the photocopy).

Few minutes after, the operator generated a gift code and I also received a mail containing it as a reminder.

The code

Now you can enter the code in the redeeming section of your account on Origin and voilà :

Sims 2 Complete Collection on Origin