Selfhosting guide


Table of contents

The story

I like open-source as much as I like hacking.
In some cases, you might want to host your own content.
I won't justify the reasons since it would take more pages than the installation of some software and if you are here you just might be aware of that.

The manual


The following choices can be controversial: I used the most famous software instead searching for the best one.
You must keep in mind this article is here to show there are alternatives to big companies when you are a consumer.
It will not help you finding the best open-source software for a task but keep your hand on your data.

Furthermore, this article correspond to my use case, as a Windows user and Android phone owner. As of 2014, I have been hosting mail for more than 2 years and using successfully calendar on my all my devices for 1 year.

Usage Software Reason
OS Debian 7 Lot of documentation
SMTP Postfix Many features (virtual aliases, conditional ), common choice
IMAP Dovecot Common choice
Webmail Roundcube Common choice, many features (with plugins)
Instant Messaging Prosody Very easy to configure (and ejabberd caused problems)
RSS TinyTinyRSS Simple !
Calendar/Tasks/Contacts DaViCal
Passwords Keepass + IOProtocolExt + KeepassHttp and PassIFox