Android and framework-res

Remark : This article is very old (every ROM usually display H+/H/3G icons and not only 3G) but it is kept simply because you can apply this trick for framework modifications.

You might have noticed that on some ROMs ("stock" or "vanilla" from the SDK), on a HSDPA network, the icon indicates 3G.

HSDPA Icon 3G Icon

When you look in framework-res.apk (inside system/framework from system.img), the correct image existed.
How couldn't I see the "H" symbol meanwhile on the custom
(VillainROM) and originals ROM (from HTC) it was possible?

I had my answer from liamstears (dead topic noted on 13/07/02).

You have to use apktools (for Windows download apktool1.3.2.tar.bz2 and apktool-install-windows-2.2_r01-3.tar.bz2, put them in the same folder and launch through CMD.exe apktool.bat).

Enter the following command

apktool d framework-res.apk [destination folder]

Once the uncompressing is finished, open the file res/values/bools.xml.

Search for the line

<bool name="config_hspa_data_distinguishable">false</bool>

and replace false by true.

Recompress it, flash it, you are now able to see H icon.